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Monday, January 9, 2012

4 stars for IBS college!!

our college, has proudly been honored 4 stars out of the 210 private colleges audited under the Malaysian Quality Evaluation System for private colleges (myQuest). our college was ranked 17th out of 60 colleges under the 4 stars category.

based on the college-based score, ibs college was ranked 40th at national level and the 4th at state level. in northmen sarawak, Ibs college was the only private college that had been ranked the 4 stars level of quality, which in term of achievement as "very good".

Ibs college has been through 5 main evaluation criteria for the rating process that is include students, resources, quality of management system , programme recognition and graduates recognition.

this rating is important reference that will be use by the ministry and other agencies in their planning and decision making process when approving or channeling loans to private college students.moreover, it also been used for approving applications for status upgrade from college to university college and in justifying approval for application of license to recruit international students.

Friday, August 14, 2009

New undergraduate degree courses ready for launch in IBS College

IBS College, or otherwise known as Kolej IBS Miri, would be the second institution in Miri to offer full-time undergraduate degree program in Business Administration.

With the undergraduate program being launched in partnership with International University College of Technology Twintech (IUCTT) Kuala Lumpur, the official title for the program would be known as Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Finance and also Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in International Business. Both courses are chosen by IBS College to equip students to work for companies involved in international business or trading and also the finance and banking industry.

The whole undergraduate degree program would take three years, upon completion of Pre-U program, STPM examinations or "A" Levels examinations. For Malaysian Students who completed their Form 5 Examinations, then normally we would recommend them to enroll and complete IBS College's Diploma in Business Administration then enter second year of the degree program.

Any inquiries regarding the courses, please leave comments here or find us in facebook. Thanks!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Intake Date and activities for April Intake 2009

Dear all,

It has been a long time since the college official blog has been updated and i apologize for that. Its just that there hasn't been much happening in the college these few days.

But, just to officially announce the date of commencement of April Intake 2009 for our full-time Diploma in Business Adminstration would be 6th of April 2009, which is the first day of the orientation week. Students and parents who are interested to find out more are more than welcome to call the office number at 085-438666 or visit the college website at http://www.ibs.edu.my

For orientation week April 2009, activities, classes and events have been prepared for students who are joining. English classes, Harvard Referencing class, and also team building activity and bowling games. All of the events and classes are meant to encourage the students to know each other before the official semester starts.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Part-time Adult Courses Available in IBS College

Dear All, here listed are the available part-time adult program and courses available in IBS College...

1. Executive Management Program
This program is specially designed for working adults. Participants would learn in class how to apply their knowledge they learn in class into their work place to achieve the most effective results. This particular learning program would not only give a better understanding of an individual's own organization but will improve the individual's marketability in the competitive society. In conclusion, 

Duration: Executive Diploma in Business Administration 1 - 1 1/2 years, Diploma in Business Administration 2 1/2 - 3 years

Awarding Body: IBS College and International Management Centre Association (Executive Diploma), IBS College and Middlesbrough College(Diploma)

Intake: Every Month

Course Fee: Executive Diploma RM5850, Diploma RM12450

Learning Modules: Business and Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Business Accounting for Manager, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, English and Business Communications, Business IT and Software Applications, Economics for Manager, Financial Management, Business Law for Managers, Leadership and Organization, Applied Business Mathematics , LAN Subjects, Final Project.

Minimum Entry Requirements: Mimimum SPM, "O" level or equivalent, and three years working experience

2. International Computer Driving License 
It is computer knowledge examination board which is recognized worldwide, and IBS College is the only college in Miri to offer its program as its learning and examination centre. The certificate enables people to demonstrate their competence in basic computer skills. ICDL covers seven modules and their syllabus are constantly updated to fulfill the business world needs.

ICDL Syllabus: Basic Concept of Information Technology, Using the Computer and Managing Files, Microsoft Word (Word Processing), Microsoft Excel(Spreadsheet), Microsoft Access(Database processing), Microsoft Powerpoint(Presentation), Information and Communication.

Completion of 4 of the 7 modules would enable the participant to be awarded ICDL Start Certificate. The program and examinition board is recognized and run in over 150 countries and global organizations such as the United Nations and the European Commision. Countries around the world offers the certification through the education, public service, military and social sectors.

3. Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
CIMA is one of the world's leading accountancy examination board from UK, and it offers more strategy, more management accounting and more relevance across a broad business perspective than any other professional accountancy qualifications. This is because the syllabus provides members expertise in finance and provide them with the skills to make key decisions in business and advice others of the financial implications of decisions. 

Possible career choices of CIMA members include management accountant, business analyst, mangement consultants, financial manager/director, chief financial officer, director of operations, project manager, forensic accountant and so on. So, you can see the career choices for CIMA graduates are more diversified than traditional accountancy examination boards.

Individuals with degree in business or accountancy or other relevan degrees can enter straight into managerial level examinations. For those without a business or accountancy degree, they would need to enroll and pass the CIMA certificate in Business Accounting first. After students finish managerial level, they would be awarded CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting. Then, they can continue on to Strategic Level and finally the Test of Professional Competence in Management Accounting (TOPCIMA). After passing it, students would be a chartered management accountant. 

Most importantly, students who finish the CIMA syllabus can gain membership into Malaysia Institute of Accountants (MIA) and become a licensed chartered accountant.

4. Kursk State Technical University Russia programs
In partnership with Kursk State Technical University, one of the most prestigious university in Russia, IBS College is offering two of their programs and courses, which is their Bachelor of Science in Management of Organization and also their Master of Business Administration.

Both programs would take around one year to complete, and prior requirements of entry into the undergraduate degree program would be a prior business diploma or relevant working experience, prior requirements of entry into the Masters graduate program would be a prior undergraduate degree or diploma with relevant working experience.

Modules included in the programs would cover most major aspects of the professional business world, including human resource management, managerial accounting, strategic management, global business environment, financial management, international business strategy and other modules, preparing individuals towards advancement in their chosen career. 

5. Institute of Technology Australia (IOTA)
In collaboration with one of the most famous part-time learning universities in Australia, Institute of Technology Australia, IBS College is currently offering their undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Business Adminstration.

It is a one year course, where study and academic support would be provided by IOTA Australia online. Course syllabus and lecturer support would be provided in the website, and all assessments and examinations would be provided by IOTA themselves. Examination papers would be sent to IBS College and all assignments would have to be uploaded to IOTA study server on the stated due date.

With full assessment done by IOTA themselves, you can be sure of the quality of the program and in the end, you will receive certification which is recognized by companies and organizations world-wide.

6.International University College of Technology TwinTech (IUCTT)
Specially designed for executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders, IUCTT's Master of Business Administration provides an opportunity for indididuals to gain a high level of hands-on and professional research based postgraduate qualification. Another special quality of this program is it provides a chance for the working professionals to share and learn from each other, and they would be able to create smart partnerships and a strong network in class. 
Another strong point of the Masters in Business Administration is it has full accredidation from MQA, or otherwise known as Malaysian Qualifications Agency. It is the highest qualification that a university or college can receive from the Ministry of Higher Education in Malaysia.

The course would cover fifteen modules, including research methodology and final thesis. The course would cover around one and a half year until two years, including the time frame allocated for preparing and writing the thesis. Entry requirements include prior recognized degree, or diploma in business with relevant experience.

7. UBS Certified of Commerce and Industrial (UCCI) UBS Computerized Accounting 
As one of the examination board which is recognized in Malaysia, IBS College is offering courses in book-keeping and computerized accounting and examinations by UCCI. With the certification by UCCI, individuals would be able to prove to their current or future employees that they would be able to handle computerized accounting in their work.

Besides the normal computerized book-keeping, IBS College also offers computerized payroll and computerized stock control short course, also with examination and certification from UCCI.

8. Language Classes
With the globalization of the business world today, more and more companies are looking for employees or training programs which can provide the work force with language training and development. In IBS College, we provide training and development courses for languages such as chinese, korean, japanese and english. Students can either choose from just learning conversation or the full package which includes reading, listening, speaking and writing. 

IBS College believe that with the mastering of more languages, individuals can achieve and fight more opportunities, especially in the international business context.

Full-Time Courses available in IBS College

For the general public, here i am going to list down the available full-time course available in IBS College Miri...

Course Title: Diploma in Business Administration with Specialization

Awarding Bodies: IBS College Miri, Middlesbrough College UK

Accreditation and Recognition: Approved By Ministry of Education Malaysia, Fully Accredited By MQA (Malaysia Qualification Agency) LAN Reg. No.KR3183

Duration: 24 study months and 3 months of Industrial Training

Intake: January, April and August every year

Specializations to choose from: Business Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Finance and Accounting Management, Real Estate Management, Logistics Management, Health and Safety, Project Management, Plantation Management, Hospitality Management.

Total Fee Involved: RM13,600

Scholarship and Sponsorship:* A1 and A2 in SPM Results would be awarded a scholarship of RM500 each, Bumiputra students would be given a sponsorship of RM1000, and students who have excelled in sports will be given sponsorship as well.

*Terms and conditions apply, and either only scholarship or sponsorship will be given, which ever amount is  higher.

Minimum entry requirement to full-time Diploma: 3 credits (C6 and above) in SPM

Any enquiries and questions regarding our full-time programs can be posted here under comments. Please leave your e-mail so i can personally reply you back.Thanks everyone.....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Orientation Week January 2009

This past week, another orientation week has been succesfully held for IBS College new students who have enrolled in the January Intake 2009. The orientation acitivites lasted for the whole week.

The main objective of the orientation week is to let the students gain a taste of college life before they actually start classes and their journey into higher education. The week is activity packed, with the students playing bowling together and going to watch movie together. Activities are meant to provide the opportunities for the new students to get to know each other before their semester starts. 

Besides that, in order for the students to experience firsthand college studying life before the semester starts, the students are divided into groups and are asked to prepare to do a presentation by the last day of the orientation week. For most students, this is their first experience in preparing and actually performing a business presentation. This is an exciting experience for them, and also the lecturers would be present during the presentation, so the lecturer would be able to grasp the current English level of the new students. In order to prepare the students for the presentation, english classes and Microsoft Powerpoint classes ws organized.

Overall, it is a major success for the college and the students, and hopefully for the following semesters the students would be able to enjoy the same orientation activities.